Answers to some common car questions:


You should always follow your manufacturer's service recommendations, but here are a few general answers to some car questions. Depending on your make and model some of these recommendations will differ, you can always make an appoinment with anyone of are locations and we would be happy to assist you with any questions, repairs or estimates. 




If you see your engine light come on, any indicator flashing light start flashing, car has a loss of power, gauge max's out, any noise and vibration in steering wheel and you feel unsafe, try to get your car over to a safe shoulder on the highway or into a parking lot. This is the same if you are involved in an accident make sure you are safe and dont need medical attention then get your car to a safe location. Your safety is number one prority if you can prevent it try not to stop on a highway or intersection do your best to get to a safe location.

  1. Your safety

  2. Safe location

  3. Call the police if you are in an unsafe location or feel you could be harmed in case of an accident

  4. Gather your information, your location, car info and service needed, exchange information if you were involoved in an accident

  5. Call a roadservice provider A-1 Towing (631) 467-5544, if involoved in an  accident make the police officer aware that you request A-1 Towing if you do not make the officer aware he will call a different company off the police list. 

  6. Take pictures of accident scene and damage and fill out accident report 

  7. Call your insurance company, your insurance company is not allowed to steer you or tell you where to get your car fixed, they will sometimes tell you that if you bring it to their place they will get car fixed sooner, this is not usually true, it is so they can save money and pay someone less to fix as little as possible on your car. You have the right in the state of New  York to have any shop of your choosing repair your car and your insurance company has to pay you for the cost of the repair based on an estimate of repairs.

  8. After car has been towed contact the repair shop you had your car towed to make them aware of why you had it towed in what case the break down or no start and/or give insurance information to the shop. 




  1. Check your oil level, this is one of the most important factors in keeping your car running smoothly. A low oil level or an oil leak can cause a costly repair or even complete engine failure. Your car can be burning oil and you will not see a leak so always check your gauge or dip stick. 

  2. Check all fliud level's, low level's could be a sign of your car needing a repair catching a repair early can sometimes save you a ton of money

  3. Check rubber or plastic hose's and belts for bulging, cracking or leaking. A small hose or belt repair can turn into a major engine repair when not caught in time. 

  4. Inspect all tires for low pressure, damage, bulges or uneven wear patterns. having to wait for a tire change or a tire repair can cost time and money. Uneven tire wear can be a sign of a suspension problems and should be brought to your mechanic asap to be evaluated. 




  1. Oil and filter should be changed every 3 months or 3,000 miles unless otherwise stated by your manufacturer, diesel truck and synthetic oils will vary.

  2. Check and fill your washer fluid if low

  3. Check, power steering and tranny fluid levels

  4. Check battery terminals and cable's have cleaned if showing signs of corrosion. You can even bring your car in for a free appoinment to have a full complementary no charge battery and full system test on your car or truck.

  5. Check all turn signals and brake lights



  1. Check to make sure your car's information is up to date and in your vehicle, in New York State an New York State Inspection is due yearly and needs to be done by an approved station. Inspection is due by the last day on the month pounched out on your sticker. Make sure you have a current insurance card and that your registration is vaild. 

  2. Check wiper blades for, cracking smearing or wear and replace as needed.

  3. Have brake system's inspected for repair

  4. Check spare tire to make sure it is fully inflated, has not become brittle or cracked from age and that spare tire change equipment and mounting device are oiled and in good working order.

  5. We recommend a summer and a winter maintenance check of all system's, here in the north east we have extreme heat and extreme cold both put a strain on our automboiles that if not maintained lead to costly and timely repairs. Salt on our roads from extreme snow can lead to rusted exhast systems and suspetion parts, and with all the pot holes we are seeing tire and suspension damage. Having these repairs spotted sooner can prevent dangerous situations, being stranded on the side of the road or even in the line of traffic. Be safe and have your car routinely serviced. We offer an excellent coupon and we also accept AAA coupons from their website and or mailings. Appoinment is required and please let us know you are going to use your coupon so we may adjust your invoice for serivce.    





This is a hard question to answer today there are so many makes and models of vechicles that call for many different parts. A sensor in one car can cost $20 but in a different make and model can cost over $200. If your looking to get an estimate we recommend bringing your car to our mechanics, we charge a diagnostic fee of $99.95 and will give you a full estimate if you choose to have your car fixed by us we will wave some or all of your diagnostic fee depending on the repair. Electrical diagnostic is billed by the hour and is different with every repair. Also diesel and medium truck repairs are billed on a case to case basis we can set up an appointment to have our mechanic come to your facility to read your truck computer and diagnose your truck in house. 

A basic list of common repairs these prices will vary depending of make model and manufactor recommenedation. These prices do not applt to trucks.


  • Oil Change (5 Quart) top grade oil $39.99 

  • Front or Rear brakes disc or drum style basic non creamic pads or shoes only $125&up per set

  • Tune up (Most tune up's include Spark plugs, air filter and fuel filter) $250 & Up 

  • Battery install $125 & up includes install and checking of charging system

  • Basic battery terminals $25& up each

  • Antifreeze flush $59.99 & Up 

  • Tire plug or patch $25 & Up



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